Just a little something about making balanced choices in this crazy busy life.


A little story about me

Aw yes that’s me. Mom, full time 8-5er, side hustle blogger and daily balance coordinator of life. I’d like to think of myself as your online “go to” AKA your virtual bestie. I’m a little OCD, confused introvert, and amazingly unathletic. I’ve been a social animal, a hermit and currently somewhere in the middle.


Married twice, divorced once. My husband – We will call him A,  3 lovely littles of my own (M, P & A2) and a step that makes up our crazy house hold (J). We are the epitome of blended families. The youngest stays with my husband and I full time, the next 2 spend 1 week with me and 1 with their dad – we will talk about all this later. The oldest, my step daughter, is here on a much more limited basis but is loved just the same.

I work full time, balance the blended family schedule and still get to enjoy an occasional endorphin rushed workout and my favorite cocktail.

I’ve forgotten what an adult TV series looks like – unless you call binge watching The Ranch as having a show? I like to dabble in reading a good book from time to time. My latest go to is Mark Manson.

I Love love to bake and cook.

Kill plants but my husband has grown a killer garden this year – Thanks Love.

And as you can see a product of “not wearing your rubber bands” the first time around.   Brace face, metal mouth, train tracks – OK Grow up. I’ve heard em’ all.

Day Work

To be totally honest my day job can be amazingly fulfilling.  I love it but from time to time I get sucked into the 8-5 abyss of “this can’t be as good as it gets?” I’ve spent 18 years in the same building (mind you I’m 36) , being the face of a therapy clinic while managing the guts and glory of it it all.

But this is really for you

Today I add you to my list of priorities. A new adventure that will give you the tips and tricks toward progress. Insight to finding what your priorities are and how to balance “adulting.” I’m gonna share with you the things that make me so passionate about people. A passion that makes me want to help you learn to balance your busy life so that you can enjoy it.

I’ll cover

  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Modern Families
  • Sanity

To Us, Salute