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9 Ways to start your day off right

9 Ways to start your day off right

Starting your day off right.

Are you struggling to start your day off right? Routines don’t happen overnight. Mines actually 5 years in the making. Our house has 1 bathroom for the 5 of us. NOT a pleasant situation but it is what it is.  As crazy as it sounds I can be ready in about 30 minutes. Add a husband and 3 kids and we’re talking 2 hours. So what do I do with that other 1 ½? Get shit done!!!

I actually only need the bathroom for a small portion of my morning routine. And my biggest trick is to get me ready first. All your extra activities will just be bonuses.

Don’t get me wrong. There has been a day or two over the years that getting shit done actually meant sitting my ass in a chair with a cup of coffee and well… I’m not actually sure what I may have done but I must have needed it.

It’s functional and it’s amazing. So how do I do it. 

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?

First we need to take a look at what makes you dissatisfied about your current morning situation. Do you wake up grouchy and need more time to wake up? Start your day running behind? Come home each night exhausted with a giant laundry list of household chores?

  • Make a list of what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • How long does each item take

Now take a moment to prioritize what you each task means in the whole scheme of things. Once you can pin point what you are actually trying to accomplish with a new “better” routine. It’ll evolve without much effort.

      2. Wake up early

I know, no one wants to hear this. You already hate morning BUT this is the ultimate of ultimates must do. Now, I’m not talking wake up 2 hours early if it doesn’t really fit your needs. I’m talking aim for 30 minutes for a week or two and see how that treats you.

If 30 minutes allows you to get your goals accomplished (i.e evening chores done) before you walk out the door. You’ve won. Need another 30 minutes to be living in bliss. DO. IT.

I suggest keeping a journal. If not for long term, long enough to provide the data. Long enough to decide just how motivated you are. Think you could pull off even another 30 minutes. DO. IT.

  1. Get some fluids – BEFORE Coffee

As crazy as it might seem. Most of us get up a bit dehydrated. Get those fluids started. Try

  • Warm lemon water – helps flush the digestive system and re-hydrate the body.
  • Amino Energy (Not and affiliate link) – Use Anytime For: Essential Amino Acid Delivery; Nitric Oxide Production; Muscle Recovery Acceleration; Improved Energy and Focus.
  • Amazing Grass (Not an affiliate link) – I mix mine with a little b-12 and at least 20 oz of water.

My rule: 20 oz of some healthy liquids BEFORE coffee. Then as much coffee as your little heart desires. Until 2pm that is.

  1. Get moving!

At this point you are gonna have a spare 1-2 minutes here and there.  Get to Moving.

I’ve included a few examples here:

  • 25 jumping jacks before I blow dry my hair
  • High Knee raises while I blow dry my hair
  • Heel Raises while brushing my teeth
  • Hip ABduction while making my lunch
  • Stairs – 1 set up and down per kid – each kid has their own escorted trip – they love it.

Need some more ideas. Check this out.

    5. Accomplishments

OK so this is the guts and glory of it all. What were those tasks you wanted to accomplish? 

  • Start a load of laundry/Fold a basket
  • Start the dishwasher
  • Watch/Listen to ???? Minutes of a college lecture, podcast or New Girl
  • Read anything
  • Pay bills
  • Blog =)

Whatever your list is. DO. IT.

This is why you woke up at the butt crack of dawn (me =))

  1. Breakfast

If you do breakfast. Do it before Monday morning.


Breakfast can be prepped on Sunday for the whole week. Trust me this isn’t gonna break the bank or ruin your whole Sunday. Toss some sausage on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (best thing since sliced bread) and jump in the shower. Or maybe some bacon, egg omelets in a muffin tin or French toast casserole . Not a hard task. Just takes about 5 minutes of prep and a few practice weekends. TA-DA

*** If you have kids – this is a perfect opportunity to get them involved and have a teaching moment. Hot oven, hand washing and a savory payoff.

  1. What’s for dinner?

If you haven’t already tried this gem out  . The dinner planner has it all spelled out. Just take a peek and get your dinner items all set aside – even if in the fridge. This is when I double check that I have everything I need for dinner. And to make a list of what I need to stop for – almost never.

Meat can thaw and veggies can be prepped.

  1. Social Media/News 

    So this is a tricky one. I hate hate hate the morning news. Unless something major (usually bad) has happened it’s the same as last night minus a change in the weather. I avoid the morning news like the plague.

Unless THIS is your time to catch up. SKIP SOCIAL MEDIA. This will suck you into a time hole trap and you will be right back to being late, stressed out and whatever else this world can bring about.

News today is not about accomplishments and good news. Instead it’s about death, loss and devastation. People failing and things being lost in translation.

Why would you start your day off like this? Unless you are directly affected and often even if you are. There is not a damn thing you can do to make it better. So why in the hell would you start your day in a position of negativity? DON’T

  1. Prep for TODAY

This is where YOU get to worry about YOUR day. Check out your calendar. Look outside for the weather. Prep for what you are about to deal with. Meetings, kids, PTO, happy hour, etc.

There is no reason to head into your day not knowing what the possibilities could be. Maybe not certainties but it’ll give you an idea of what to prep for.

Routines can be tough and may be ever evolving.

Give it a try. Let me know how it all pans out.