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2 ways to make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

2 ways to make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions every year only to realize that by March it’ll never be a reality

OK, first off I don’t actually believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Each December it feels like a good idea to work on improving ourselves. But as Christmas draws to a close the exhaustion of the holidays rears its ugly head. Exhaustion lays in the forefront while motivation and ideas lay themselves to rest.

For some. Shame, pity and self sabotage also come in full force.

So how do we change? How do we make goals that are doable and actually are deep within our mind’s eye of who we could become or what we could be doing?

1. SMART Goals

SMART goals are actionable thoughts that have deadlines and are realistic. They teach us to dig deeper into our surface and imagine what we could be doing to better ourselves.

SMART goals are:


This is the part where you decide what that gut wrenching details of your goals. Your description of what you are trying to accomplish. Your statement of purpose. (I want to ___________, by doing ___________ on or before __________, 2018)

A typical New Years Resolution may look like this. I want to lose 10lbs in 2018.

By making it specific it should look more like. I want to lose 10lbs of fat by eating healthier and working out by June 1, 2018.


Can you measure your goal? Measurements are just that MATH. Measurements build your equation. For our current purpose this is 10lbs and by June 1, 2018.

Math isn’t always fun but in this case it IS a necessity.


Just like the guts you need to have the soul of your goal. The part where you have decide how much suck you are willing to endure to get there. Are you willing to step up to the plate and give it your all. If so you still need to make it achievable.

Do you have the tools? Do you have the means? Or could you be relying on magic?

Not all that long ago I was gong through an incredibly tough time with a co-worker. I found that I wanted nothing more and was willing to it in the effort to make her life suck as much as she was making mine suck. Only problem. I couldn’t make a goal for someone else.

This made me SO sad. But also led me to some incredible emotional intelligence progress for myself.

YOU can’t make anyone do anything. At least, not emotionally, legally and without some sort of crazy magic (or weapons – not a good idea =()


Being realistic is a bit of a grey area here. I COULD run a marathon. If I trained properly but by the time I was done, my knees, ankles and hips would need replaced. I would also need a lobotomy for the trauma my brain would go through. My genetic health and age cry HELL NO.

But I could cut carbs, sodas, plant my ass on a yoga mat and get my body to move.


Back it up to our modified original New Year’s Resolution. I want to lose 10 lbs by eating healthier and working out by June 1, 2018.

If I were to start this goal on January 1, 2018 I should be looking at losing between 12-15 lbs in this time frame rather than 10 lbs. This is not only more realistic but fits into the time scheme. This change will make it a bit more challenging but will also keep you from meeting your goal to early, leaving you bored and not knowing what to do next.

2. Keep your goals to yourself

After you have a solid goal, keep it to yourself. Yep you heard me. Mums the word. But Why?

Saying is NOT equal to doing

Saying is NOT equal to doing but sometimes our brain doesn’t know that. The reason for this boils down to something called a ‘social reality’. If we make our goals public, we often feel a sudden sense of relief. A sense of achievement even though no action has been taken.

The people on the receiving end of the information can often feel as though the person has completed the goal as well, when in fact nothing has actually been done.

Maybe our friends aren’t as supportive as we once thought

Maybe our friends aren’t as supportive as we think. Sometimes sharing your New Years Resolutions or goals can make our peers feel envy.

Telling your friends can also come with feelings of anxiousness and sometimes unnecessary pressure. What happens if you do indeed FAIL at the task?

Feelings of judgement. What if your friends think what your doing is silly? Or that you should be putting your energy on “more important” tasks.

Talking doesn’t always mean failure

If keeping it to yourself feels beyond impossible, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to succeed. In fact, there are a select few people who thrice at the thought of accountability.

And some people have found that there is a point when sharing is helpful. Maybe after you have a substantial amount of momentum and are well past the half way mark?

So whether you choose to talk or not, its that time of year to look into the future and get creative.

Happy New Year’s Resolutions.