Just a little something about making balanced choices in this crazy busy life.



Just a little something about making balanced choices in this crazy busy life.



Welcome to Simply Good Enough

I want to say Thank You for taking a gander here and let you know what I have to offer.

Giving everyday a good healthy balanced try isn’t always as cut and dry as it sounds. Sometimes good enough really is OK!

I’m a real person with real struggles. An average Joe that wants to stop surviving and start thriving. Enough about me, This is for you and the relationship that we are about to have (Oh, you have a very dirty mind, I like it)

Life is crazy fast these days. Everyone is climbing that ladder of success at NASCAR speeds (husband #2) yet sink deeper and deeper into the depths of not good enough, you can do better, your car isn’t fancy enough and your house to small. Well screw that. You are good enough, your car gets you from point A to point B and if your house were any bigger it’d just take longer to clean.

Life is brutal

Going at it alone (or feeling alone) can make it a real struggle. You’re not alone. You have me and I bet if you can slow down long enough to focus, you’ll see you have a whole following wishing you true happiness.

This may be my first blog but (as we say in Wyoming) it’s not my first rodeo. I’ll pass along what I’ve learned through my experiences and hopefully help you find a little peace once in while.

People are my passion

OK people that are nice and real are my passion. I’ve spent 18 years in patient relations and I’ve learned a thing or two about people. Rich people, poor people, genuine people and the people who aren’t really sure who they are, are all still people. People require food, water, are susceptible to genetics, and have good and bad days. No one is perfect. Its takes work.

My Motto: You can’t be perfect but you CAN be good enough.

Life can really suck sometimes and sometimes it can be amazballs.

My goal is to help you:

  • Balance out those days that suck with less suck and turn the suck into productive happiness.
  • Teach you to capitalize on your high moments and make the changes you really want in your life.
  • Teach you to accept – accept stuff. There are good days and bad days and neither exist without each other.
  • Most importantly – to understand that it is totally OK to be simply Good Enough.

We’ll talk about

Fitness – How to get moving when there’s no time or energy. Making small changes to get you headed towards your goals. Food – Good or bad, portion sizes and how to make planning, buying and cooking less overwhelming. Modern Families – Blended and semi dysfunctional but making it work.  Picking your battles and understanding your priorities. Staying sane – Organizing life so it doesn’t sneak up on you, coping when it does and accepting who you are through it all.

Simply Good Enough is a product of surviving a crazy last few years. I’ve been put into situations that were either gonna make me or break me. Slowly things are finally getting tolerable. Not because issues have been resolved or people have stepped in to lessen the load but because I learned that it wasn’t me. That I have lots to offer and I was making an impact. all along. Now I want to share with you. To share that good enough can be good enough.

Join me on this amazing journey. Sign up and send me a note. I’ll keep you updated on new posts and materials.